Born in Ludwigshafen at the river Rhine

1971 to 1975
Learning the trade of a goldsmith at the Staatliche Zeichenakademie in Hanau

1978 to 1980
Education to master of goldsmith also at the Staatlichen Zeichenakademie

Participation in group- and single exhibitions, for instance, in Darmstadt, Osnabrück, Bremen, Heine, Stade and Hanau.

Organization of the exhibition "We" in Hanau-Steinheim for the first time in 2002. February 2011 foundation of the constant artists group "We" together with Arno Pancke (master of goldsmith), Erika Herbert (sculptures) und Willi Brüggemann (sculptures).

Since 1981 independent occupation as master of goldsmith in Hanau.

While creating my jewelry, I am inspired by colors, different surfaces or surface structures. This applies likewise to gems, pearls, and the different metals.

These options are especially useful to me in the creation of necklaces. Here, variations of gems, pearls, and different kinds of glass are generated. The latch also communicates with the "rest". Herefrom results the generation of a true whole, the very necklace.

Since within my jewelry design a square is always involved somewhere, I crafted, among others, brooches containing basically both old and new - small recycling boxes or a treasure box.

A brooche or even a ring are often conceptionally thought of as a small sculpture. A brooche closes within itself, a ring is designed all around.

In the combination of the different materials, form and nature of the becoming piece develops thru my way of crafting.

I also like to create jewelry along your own ideas.


Applying principle:

          "Jewelry should beautify"